Chocolate Tasting Wheel & Tasting Notes

Learn how to eat chocolate

Our Chocolate Tasting Wheel, and chocolate tasting notes, are a great way to learn how to eat chocolate - and how to fully appreciate taste.

Plus, you can download your free version below.

Learning to taste is simple

Learning to taste is easy using the Chocolate Tasting Wheel. Start by trying to identify simple flavours located in the middle - such as fruity or nutty. Use these as a prompt to what you're tasting.

As your palate becomes more refined you can move to the middle and outside circles where the flavour becomes more subtle and specific, for example roasted hazelnut, instead of just nutty.

Remember there is no right or wrong with chocolate tasting. Not only do we like what we like - which may be different to what I or someone else likes - but our palates are highly individual and influenced by your own memories and experiences, which your mind will use to interpret what you are tasting. 

The most important thing about tasting is to have fun, and find something you love!

Free Download 

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What about wine, cheese and whisky...?

The good news is, you can use our Chocolate Tasting Wheel for all your favourite foods and drinks, in fact this wheel was originally developed for coffee tasting, however the principles are the same - whether it is chocolate, coffee, wine, cheese or whisky.

Happy chocolate eating!