I’d Always Considered Myself A Chocoholic

Proudly so. It was my thing.

However, in 2010 I attended a chocolate appreciation event, and had my eyes opened and my mind blown. I was shocked to realise I hadn’t been a chocoholic after all; I’d just been a Cadbury-oholic. Who occasionally dabbled in (what I later learnt are other mediocre) brands, but thought them special.

On my first trip to Belgium I discovered a well-known and expensive Belgian brand, and proudly purchased a stash of chocolate, and with that claimed bragging rights that I was ‘the’ connoisseur of chocolate, and knew my stuff.

Alas, I didn’t know my stuff, nor good chocolate. I am embarrassed to say the over-priced (albeit beautifully packaged) Belgian chocolate I raved about was, and still is, rather ordinary.

Why Chocolate?

That’s hard to answer. It’s like coming up with a checklist of why you love your partner or best friend - it’s a feeling that resonates deep inside, that words struggle to capture. But I’ll give it a go…

I love the history. Revered since early Meso-American times, maybe it’s hard wired into our DNA to appreciate what has traditionally been a food of the Gods.

I love the alchemy involved in beautiful chocolate. For example. did you know a cocoa bean has no flavour to start and it’s a series of processing steps (fermentation, roasting, conhcing etc) that imparts flavour?

Childlike happiness where I feel wrapped up and warm in a blanket of chocolate flavour, entangled with adult happiness of refined indulgence and ritual of experience.

I love the discovery element of diverse and nuanced flavour of good chocolate, in the same way people explore whisky, wine, coffee or many other food stuffs.

All of this has driven a deep connection.

And I love to share my love of chocolate. It took a long time to navigate life where I accepted this can be my 'thing' - that being a chocolate expert can be a job - and a huge thank you to every person over the years who told me they were swept up in my enthusiasm or felt taken on a journey of discovery when I talked chocolate.

It was seeing this response time and time again, and realising I kept coming back to this one driving force, that I took the plunge and launched Fiamma Life to share my passion for exceptional chocolate, and other experiences (think amazing whisky, stunning cheeses and all things Italy and Italian food).

“There is nothing better than a friend,
unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

- Linda Grayson -

The World's best

I also became frustrated as there is very little quality chocolate available in Australia. I’ve travelled to France and Italy specifically to research (and by that I mean eat copious amounts of) beautiful chocolate - but then I return home to meagre offerings.

Which is why I’m proud to say - hand on heart - at Fiamma Chocolate, I believe we have the best range of quality chocolate available anywhere in Australia, and we’ll continue to expand our range and share with you as we grow.

And it’s not just 'chocolate'. You’ll often hear me say I deal in the world’s best chocolate - literally. Because here’s the beautiful thing, chocolate is the poor man’s champagne.

I’m not sure about you, but I know I can’t afford the world’s best champagne, or wine; but I can afford the world’s best chocolate. Great chocolate is a such an accessible and affordable luxury - not least when we deliver it to your door!