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At the core of Fiamma Chocolate is the desire to bring the world's best chocolate to you as a beautiful, immersive, sensory experience. Basically, we want to knock your socks off with the quality of great chocolate.

However, it has to be more than that.

We work hard to ensure we are more than just the world's best chocolate - we want our chocolate to be good for the world too.

We believe in ethical chocolate and sustainable business practices. Simply because it's the right thing to do. People and the environment matter and neither should suffer for our favourite sweet treat.

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Ethical Chocolate

Ethical chocolate is important - as almost all cocoa is grown in developing countries and often under terrible conditions including forced labour and child labour. But not all chocolate.

Our chocolate is ethically sourced!

Ethics are implicit to our chocolate. All of the companies we work with have a genuine and pro-active approach of working with and supporting all facets of the growing communities.

As such, they always pay above fair prices - however ethics in chocolate is more than just a fair price - not least, as often that 'fair price' you pay in good conscience doesn't make it to the growers. Which is why the transparency of direct trade (versus fair trade) with growing communities is so important.

The ethical companies we work with support growing communities. For example, they will encourage diversity in crops to ensure they are not economically reliant on a single crop or depleting soil, teach business skills including to women, support education, improve living conditions and enable the retention of traditional practices around chocolate production. These important principles are so much more than just a 'fair price'. ​

Yep, as you can tell, we're pretty passionate about ethical chocolate and can talk for a long time. If you want to learn more - get in touch.

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Sustainable Business

Beautiful packaging and the experience of unboxing is central to what we do, but it shouldn't come at the expense of the environment.

Where possible, our packaging is environmentally friendly.

The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste per year, and much of this comes from plastic packaging and food waste. We don't want to contribute to this.

We are actively working towards a fully sustainable packaging model where all packaging is from sustainable resources, recyclable, and/or compostable.

  • Our mailer bags are fully compostable.
  • All our boxes are from sustainable materials, but our signature gift boxes are so beautiful we encourage re-purposing.
  • Our sticky tape and food handling gloves are compostable.
  • Our printing materials are from post-consumer recycled materials and the paper company is 100% carbon neutral.
  • Inks used in printing are non-toxic UV printing.
  • Even our courier company is Australia's first fully carbon neutral courier (plus they're also B Corp certified).