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Sourced from the world’s best bean-to-bar artisan makers. The top 2% in the world.

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Ethics and the environment matter. Our chocolate is ethically sourced and packaging sustainable.

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Great chocolate starts here

Our passion is chocolate - but not just any old chocolate - we ‘deal’ exclusively in the world’s best chocolate. In fact, the top 2% in the world. We’re talking the type of chocolate most people haven’t experienced before, and the type you won’t find at a supermarket.

We scour the world to find the very best boutique chocolate makers to bring you great chocolate under one roof.


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“There is nothing better than a friend,
unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

- Linda Grayson -

Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

We deal exclusively in the world’s best bean-to-bar chocolate.

Chocolate that is difficult to find elsewhere; that is a true sensory experience; that will redefine the way you think about chocolate.Great chocolate is a marriage of art, science and obsession.

First, you start with a quality ‘flavour bean’ which is expertly grown to exploit the natural flavour of the bean, just like coffee. However, these are rare and represent a very small proportion of beans grown - flavour beans are precious!

The next step is modern day alchemy. An average chocolate maker with great beans, will still make poor quality chocolate, so you need an obsessive chocolate maker who can harness both art and science to turn a quality bean into an amazing chocolate. Oen that can bring out that unique flavour profile, just like wine.

When you combine great beans and a great maker, chocolate magic happens and we have exceptional bean-to-bar chocolate. However, do be warned, supermarket chocolate will never be the same again!