Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte
Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte
Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte
Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte
Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte
Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte

Amedei | 32% Milk Chocolate - Toscano Latte

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A milk chocolate like the best of your childhood - notes of cream, butter and white flowers.

Toscano Brown, the founding member of Amedei’s milk chocolate family. An ode to childhood memories obtained from an exclusive milk blend that transports you to that wonderful feeling as a child when you bit into a morsel of dreamy milk chocolate.

The creamy, vanilla-ish flavor of milk and cream is made extra memorable by a fabulously rich cacao flavour.


One of Italy’s newest chocolate companies, Amedei has carved out a space in pantheon of exceptional European chocolate-makers.

Founded in 1990 by an Italian brother and sister team, Amedei began producing pralines from a small facility in Italy and soon grew to produce a number of other chocolate confectioneries using their own grown cocoa beans and natural ingredients. In less than three decades, Amedei has grown to become one of the world’s premier gourmet-chocolate production companies.

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Cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass.

Cocoa min. 32%. May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio, walnut.