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Settlement Gifts

Buying a Home is an Important Event

Settlement Gifts

Send a personalised settlement gift to say thank you.

At Fiamma we believe mortgage brokers, buyers advocates, real estate agents, conveyancers - you make dreams happen! We understand you faciliate not just house buying - but the acquisition of a home and a lifestyle.

Settlement gifts to fit the occassion

We start with the world’s best chocolate – the top 2% in the world. Next comes beautiful and sustainable packaging. Then your personal, hand-written note. And bang - you have a unique, personal - and memorable - settlement gift.

Keep it simple with just chcoolate, or opt for the world's best chocolate paired with whisky, cocktails, champagne - or even an authentic Italian pasta or risotto gift box.

Gifts for all budgets

Our settlement gifts suit all budgets, starting from just $39 pp.

We can create custom settlement gifts to suit your needs, or customise to include your branding, for example gift notes on your branded note cards,

How it works - let us do the work for you

You can shop online, or email us and discuss what you want to achieve and we will invoice you. We create amazing gifts, write your notes and take care of all delivery - we make your life easy.

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From our clients


“I run a very specialist business, what I would classify as a premium service provider for a select group of 12 clients, maximum, at any one time.

Word of mouth means everything to me! As does making an impact! And being fondly remembered in the most positive way possible!

So when my Web Designer refers me 2 clients in a single week, nothing says “I cannot thank you enough” than a surprise box of the world’s highest quality, imported chocolates, hand selected and brilliantly packaged in uniquely exotic patterns!

Add a hand-written note and door-to-door delivery next day and the Impact is BOOM!!

And when clients and referrers alike feel inspired to share on their Social Media, well that’s when I smile even more widely.

And the best thing, NO-ONE will EVER receive another Gift like it!”

-- Therese O’Neill, Business Coach, Mentor, Adviser

Shari Aubrey

Chocolate Expert | Corporate Gift Specialist | Experience Maker

I partner with businesses to create unique and personal gift and event experiences. Working with you to surprise and delight your customers, staff and stakeholders. Passionate about helping your relationships and grow your brand recognition.

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COrporate FAQ

Absolutely not. We think people deserve our fabulous gifts whether it’s five, fifty or five hundred. Of course, where you order more, we can offer a discount.

We have a broad range of corporate gift options to fit your budget, plus we offer bespoke gift options where you can scale cost and inclusions up/down to your needs.

Our exceptional chocolate gifts start at just $39 per person with a barrel of chocolate and from just $84.50 for our Signature Chocolate Gift Box, or $179 for our Luxe Champagne and Chocolate Gift Box. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Whatever suits you best. You are welcome to order from our website:; but we always welcome the opportunity to chat with our business clients so that we can understand your needs – and then we can then invoice you. In addition, if we chat and invoice you – it provides any opportunity for us to customise our standard corporate gifts to your budget and/or requirements.

Absolutely - we can take care of all your gift deliveries – whether within Australia, express services or overseas delivery. A fee will apply for each delivery.

We use reliable carriers and ensure all our packaging is sustainable, from compostable mailer bags and address labels, through to paper based internal packaging.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can deliver all your corporate gifts to you, and you can distribute as required.

Yes. This is useful for our business clients who are regular gifters. Rather than regularly buying gifts you can purchase, for example 30 gifts on one invoice, and request that we send them out as required – and we warehouse the gift boxes for you.

We keep a Google spreadsheet of gifts, recipients, and delivery details, so you have full transparency of your stock and your deliveries.

Absolutely – a hand-written card really makes an impact whether it’s a personalised settlement gift, a Christmas gift, staff acknowledgment or onboarding gift.

At this stage nothing, where you order >20 gifts – up to a maximum of 30 words per gift note. We try to keep it free because we love it and we believe it makes a difference.

But please note, whilst hand-written notes are amazing, they are very time consuming, and where you require more than 20 gift notes, a small fee may apply per note and/or we can discuss having your notes printed, with the potential to bring in some personalisation such as handwritten name. Likewise, if you require 30> words, we can make that magic happen for a small fee.

Absolutely, we love helping business owners create something really unqiue and personalised, particularly for something as important as settling a house.

But it’s not just settlement gifts, we provide corporate gifts for onboarding of new contracts, new car purchases and many more events that require celebration.

No. Our luxe chocolate options are very popular, but we also offer a range of food hamper gifts that aren’t chocolate, but offer the same amazing food quality such as our Authentic Italian Risotto Box and Italian Pasta Box.

Absolutely. We love tailoring our gift boxes and hampers to our corporate client needs, whether it’s budget, what you want included, including your branding – get in touch and let’s see what we can create.

You can, but we recommend you get in touch and discuss your options. To be honest, we don’t believe full white labelling provides optimum value – as it can reduce the perceived value of dealing with a luxe brand like Fiamma Chocolate.

What can work well is to co-brand, where we work with you to bring your branding into the gift – but not so much so that the gift looks like it came from one of those big, anonymous providers. We wrote a blog post on this, <<insert name of blog post>>

The short answer is to ensure your gift – whether for business or personal life – is unqiue, of high quality, is personalised and then is convenient for you to order from. The longer answer is documented in our blog post: 4 Tips for the Perfect Gift