What is bean-to-bar chocolate?

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Bean-to-bar chocolate is a distinct experience compared to buying commercial, or even 'industrial premium' chocolate.

The key difference lies in the control and involvement the chocolate maker has over the entire process, from sourcing the cacao beans, to crafting the final bar that ends up in your hands. Bean-to-bar chocolate makers also bring a passion and dedication to the end product that isn't seen, or possible, in commercial or industrial premium brands. 

By carefully selecting high-quality cacao beans (also known as flavour beans), often from specific regions or plantations; bean-to-bar chocolate makers work hard to bring out the unique flavours and characteristics inherent to those beans. This attention to bean sourcing also allows for a more traceable and transparent supply chain, ensuring ethical practices and supporting sustainable cacao farming communities - which isn’t common in commercial or industrial premium production.

Whilst we keenly support and advocate ethical and sustainable cacao production; reality is, what most people notice is the end product…but the good news is, the meticulous craftsmanship involved in bean-to-bar chocolate results in a much better tasting chocolate.

Thanks to the artisanal techniques used to roast, grind, conch, and temper the chocolate, and carefully controlling for factors such as time, temperature, and ingredients, bean-to-bear chocolate makers create chocolate with very specific aromatic profiles, texture, and nuance - just like a good wine maker or speciality coffee roaster does.

It is the craftsmanship at every stage of the process, including growing the beans, that contributes to the superior taste and texture of bean-to-bar chocolate - which offers a more complex, rich, and satisfying experience.

In short...

Bean-to-bar chocolate represents a return to artisan chocolate making, a dedication to process, taking time to honour the unique flavours of the cacao; and a celebration of the expertise and dedication of the cacao growers. 

By choosing bean-to-bar chocolate, you support small business, sustainable practices, direct trade, and the preservation of traditional chocolate making and growing practices. Plus, you will end up with a better tasting chocolate!

All reasons why we only deal in bean-to-bar makers - as we think both the growers and the makers are pretty special for their skills - because together they create chocolate magic!

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