Welcome to your Chocolate Master Class


Your Chocolate Master Class has been created as a series of video chapters so you can dip in an out as you please, or watch all in one session.

Click below to watch each chapter.

If you've opted to have chocolate, make sure you have your choccie stash with you, we'll be tasting later in the Master Class (always dark first, which you'll learn why).

Oh, and happy chocolate eating!

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Your Chocolate Master Class Videos

  1. Let's Get Started - Master Class Introduction
  2. What is the World's Best Chocolate?
  3. Ethics - Are Children Making Your Chocolate?
  4. The History of Chocolate - The Aztecs & More
  5. The History of Chocolate - Europe to Now
  6. Single Origin v Single Estate
  7. A Sensory Experience - How to Taste
  8. It All Starts With the Bean - Bean to Bar Processing
  9. Taste With Me - Dark Chocolate
  10. Taste With Me - Milk Chocolate
  11. It's a Chocolate Wrap​