Pump Street | 72% Dark Chocolate - Madagascar

Pump Street | 72% Dark Chocolate - Madagascar

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A fabulous 72% dark chocolate bar with fruity notes and balanced acidity.

Note: best before date March 2024

This is one of our favourite bars - a dark chocolate packed with flavour brought out of the fruity Madagascan beans.

This chocolate has high notes of citrus mellowing into tropical fruits; ending with balanced acidity. 

Bar Size: 70g
Bean: Ambanja, Madagascar

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This chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa from the most famous of all terroirs for Madagascan beans: the Sambirano River Valley.

Pump Street Chocolate are lucky to have been able to source organic cocoa beans from Bertil Akesson, whose 2300 hectare family estate, located in Ambanja, has produced world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920.

Bean to bar chocolate handmade in Suffolk, UK. 


Located in a 15th Century building in the small village of Orford on the Suffolk Cost, Pump Street is an award-winning bakery; however after mastering the production of naturally leavened artisan bread - they ventured into bean to bar chocolate, and now create exceptional small batch chocolate. 

Outgrowing their original bakery building, their chocolate production moved to an old military vehicle record keeping building - disused for many years but now creating some of the world’s best chocolate. 

And don’t be fooled by their small village origins - Pump Street direct source their beans from the best single estates around the world, and then tailor their roasting, grading and conching to create exceptional chocolate. I particularly love the marriage of their bakery heritage with chocolate making endeavours in the Sourdough bar.

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Organic cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter. 

May contain milk, cereals containing gluten, eggs, nuts and sesame seeds.